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Cubic Zirconia or Diamond? How to Tell if a Diamond is Real

 Today we’re going to talk about how an experienced jeweler can tell the difference between a cubic zirconia and natural diamond. Let’s get started.   What we have here are 2 asscher-cut stones that are the same physical size (measured in millimeters). One is a natural diamond (not lab-grown which we’ll talk about later) […]

May 1

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Bigger Isn’t Always Better! Insider Jewelry Selling Tips from a Baltimore Jewelry Buyer

Have some burning questions about selling your unwanted valuables? At Samuelson’s, we are happy to help our community better understand the ins and outs of the jewelry industry. Thanks to our highly curated collection of luxury diamonds and our promise to always give the best price for your unwanted valuables, we’re proud to be Baltimore’s […]

Apr 29