Diamond Shapes

The brilliance and beauty of a diamond can take your breath away and catch the eye of everyone in the room. It’s why diamond jewelry is popular all across the globe!

When it comes to choosing a diamond shape for an engagement ring or other piece of jewelry, you have so many options to choose from. Many people love jewelry that features a number of diamonds, while others prefer larger single solitaires.

Whatever your style preferences, this quick guide to diamond shapes will help you make the right choice.

diamond shapes round


This is by far the most popular shape of diamond and has been around for hundreds of years. When diamond cutters work with this shape, their goal is maximum brilliance and shine. When it comes to balancing the grades for clarity, color, and cut, round diamonds offer flexibility, and you can be sure they will retain their brilliance and the shine you are looking for.


This shape has been around for hundreds of years and, due to the shape of these diamonds, they are also known as pillow cut diamonds. The corners of cushion cut diamonds are rounded and the facets are cut larger to increase shine. The large facets give rise to clarity in the appearance of the diamond too. These diamonds are rising in popularity by the day, and you can buy them in both square and rectangular shapes. Take a closer look at these diamonds and you will see a combination of oval and old mine cuts.

cushion shape diamond
diamond emerald shape


The striking point for these diamonds is in their pavilion. The original clarity of this diamond can be seen in its shape and oversized table (the flat surface on the top of the stone). The rectangular shape of these diamonds can vary greatly. You’ll want to ask about the length-to-width ratio so that you understand how your diamond will look if you see it from the top.


Radiant diamonds are unique because their corners are trimmed with the utmost care and perfection. This diamond shape is often used in making some of the most exquisite jewelry pieces you’ll find! The rectangularity in these diamonds can vary largely. If you’re interested in radiant diamonds, make sure you take a look at the length-to-width ratio.

radiant diamond shape
diamond shapes pear


Imagine the shape of a teardrop. That should give you a pretty good idea of what pear cut diamonds look like. They’re cut brilliantly with the desired effect of maximum shine! This shape is also often called a teardrop because it has a single point and an end that is rounded. The overall look of this diamond is unique, and it is used in a variety of jewelry designs. If you wear an elongated pear shaped diamond in your ring, your hands and fingers will look slimmer.


One of the most popular diamonds is the princess cut diamond. These diamonds really stand from the crowd! If you’re buying a color grade diamond, the appearance of the diamond will be exceptional and the color that you choose will be visible in the corners of the diamond. Princess cut diamonds can be rectangular or square. It all depends on your style preferences!

princess shape diamond
oval shape diamond


Just like round diamonds, oval diamonds have a brilliance you can really see! Oval diamonds are quite popular and appear frequently in rings and other jewelry items. If you’re looking for a traditionally cut oval diamond, the length-to-width ratio should be between 1.33 and 1.66. You can ask your jeweler to tell you the exact length and width of the diamond so you can imagine its shape when viewed from the top.


If you’re looking for a fancy cut, you should consider this shape! These cuts are unique and used in a variety of jewelry items. As the name suggests, these diamonds are cut into the shape of a triangle. The unique triangle form generally has 50 facets, and the sides are cut in equal dimensions. Most people consider buying these cuts for vanity jewelry rather than everyday wear jewelry items.

trilliant diamond shapes
diamond shapes heart


The heart symbolizes love, and this is one of the most distinctive shapes of all! The shape and cut are unique, which is what makes the heart a favorite with jewelers. The corners of this diamond may show some color if you are buying a color grade diamond. The length and width of these diamonds can vary, and thus the size of the heart and the broadness will vary as well. Choose your diamond’s size according to the jewelry item in which you wish to get it placed.


The asscher cut is yet another beautiful and unique shape that almost look like an emerald cut, but its shape is slightly square. The pavilion of this diamond is cut in a rectangular style, which is what makes it different. Like other diamonds, the color that you choose will be visible in the corners of the diamond. Did you know many celebrities have been seen wearing diamonds with this cut? If you need a unique ring for your partner, an asscher cut diamond ring is the perfect choice.

asscher shape diamond
diamond marquise shape


If you want a diamond that looks larger than its carat weight, this is the ideal shape for you. Wearing a marquise diamond in a ring, will make your hands look slender and long. If you want to know the outline of the diamond and what it will look like after being cut, look at the length-to-width ratio.

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