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The Samuelson’s Difference

The Samuelson family has been serving the Baltimore community since 1922, when Milton Samuelson opened our first jewelry store on Pennsylvania Avenue. Since then, we’ve helped countless people find stunning, one-of-a-kind pieces of estate jewelry. People come from Fed Hill to Charles Village and even farther for private 1-on-1 consultations at our location.

We have a true passion for jewelry and we care about the little details that make your experience just that much more special. Our many years in business have helped us create the perfect jewelry experience.

Baltimore is our home and our Charm City community is our family. That’s why, when you walk through our door, you’re more than just another customer — you’re family!

You’ll find us in Quarry Lake at Greenspring. Schedule your private 1-on-1 consultation today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is estate jewelry?

Many people use terms like vintage jewelry, antique jewelry, heirloom jewelry, and estate jewelry interchangeably. Technically, estate jewelry is jewelry that was passed on to someone else, often through several generations. It can be your grandmother’s wedding ring that she passed down to you, or it can be those earrings your sister gave you because she never wore them.

As you can imagine, most vintage and antique jewelry is estate jewelry, but estate jewelry isn’t necessarily old.

I don’t know very much about estate jewelry. Can you help?

We’d love to. In fact, that’s what we’re here for. One of the benefits of choosing Samuelson’s is that we have certified jewelry experts on staff with years of experience helping people find the perfect piece of estate jewelry. We can help you understand your options, learn about different styles and eras of jewelry, and work with your budget to find something you can’t live without!

Why do people often prefer estate jewelry to new jewelry?

Brand new jewelry is valuable because it is new and untouched. Estate jewelry has a different kind of value. A piece of estate jewelry is often very rare or even one of a kind. It might have historical value. It may be made in a particular style that’s very difficult to find in the 21st century.

Estate jewelry has a unique character, style, and elegance, which is why it often feels like such a perfect and personal gift for someone very close to you.

How to tell if a diamond is real?

“Samuelson’s is so much more than just a diamond store! I’m so happy my husband chose them for my engagement ring and wedding band. The staff is amazing, helpful, and sweet. The Weiss family loves Samuelson’s!”

Shannon Smith Weiss
“By the time I picked the ring up I had met the owner, his son, and several other employees and I can tell you I would have been comfortable working with each of them. I highly recommend Samuelson’s to anyone looking for nice, low key jeweler in Baltimore with a flare for excellence!”
Zach Summy

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